TOUGH ENOUGH provides specialised services to clients. We are able to fell small trees up to 10 metres tall and remove all green waste. TOUGH ENOUGH are able to stump grind any stumps that remain.

We are licenced to use Elevated Work Platforms to any height – which comes in handy when lopping branches from trees, cleaning windows on the third floor, or cleaning lights in an industrial complex.

TOUGH ENOUGH have a rideon brush cutter which can be used to remove lantana to just above the ground for spraying. The rideon brush cutter is great on overgrown sloping blocks. If you have a problem with weed control, call and see what it costs for the quad bike with a boom to spray your acreage for weeds. If you have an unusual job please give
Julie a call on 0416 343 571 and she will be able to advise if TOUGH ENOUGH are are to assist you.

If you’re looking for a great lawn care or cleaning needs. Contact us today

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