TOUGH ENOUGH  has a 3500psi petrol high pressure cleaner with adjustable pressure. There is a whirl away attachment for the machine to make cleaning driveways, paths, carparks extremely easy. They also have a number of smaller machines for those jobs that do not require this pressure.

We are licenced water efficient operators.

We are able to perform all jobs around the outside of your home and building – from pressure washing decobwebbing, high pressure cleaning of paths and driveways, removal of mould, window washing, cleaning of gutters, eaves and fascias.  We will also clean your wheelie bins if they are empty.

We will remove the black buildup on driveways and paths giving them a new lease on life. If your paths around your building or house are clean, your property looks a lot fresher and cleaner. It is also important to have paths on commercial premises high pressure cleaned regularly to remove any mould which could cause a slip and fall.

Whether you need a house or building  washed down, a driveway cleaned of the roaddirt and grime and brought up looking much brighter and cleaner, call Julie at Tough Enough on 0416 343 571 for a quote.

If you’re looking for a great lawn care or cleaning needs. Contact us today

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